Monday, May 23, 2011

Check out Lucy Dreams for free

I finally got around to listening to Lucy Dreams, a new and very young local act that recently signed to Pretty Ambitious Records.

I had nothing to lose when giving their music a shot, as at the moment you can download quite a few Lucy Dreams and related solo project tracks at their Bandcamp page. I'm digging what I have heard so far, "Realize" in particular.

Here's the skinny on the group via the Pretty Ambitious website:
“Before catching anyone’s attention with a few rough demos posted on their Myspace page, Lucy Dreams turned heads when they played their first show opening for Abby Go Go at 529 back in December. The unassuming four-piece made-up of Decatur High students Lloyd Wingard (guitar, vocals), Jacob Armando (drums), Graham Tavel (bass) and Dani Lyman (keyboard/vocals) took the stage and unleashed a wall of slurred pop hooks, warped melodies and distortion. They left such an impression that they were later asked to play the opening slot for Deerhunter and Black Lips’ show the night that Eyedrum closed down its 290 MLK location.” –Chad Radford, Creative Loafing

Soon after the Eyedrum show, Nick Lynds (guitar) joined the group and they all started recording their first album, Vivian, to be released in September 2011.

Lucy Dreams have evolved musically thanks to influences ranging from The Wake, Sonic Youth, NEU! and Joy Division. Their sound can be related to the likes of Future Islands, Indian Jewelry, The Black Angels and Wooden Shjips.

You can pre-order their debut long-player, Vivian, through Pretty Ambitious.

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