Friday, April 15, 2011

Mess-Around preview episode!

Last Wednesday's live show was a preview of this weekend's Atlanta Mess-Around and featured an exclusive interview with Damon Hare from Triple D's Promotions (co-booker of this year's event) as well as numerous tracks from Mess-Around acts:

Time is Mine- Testors
Hey Mama, Look at Sis-Oblivians
Worlds Destroyed- Mind Spiders
Cat Party- Shannon and The Clams
Dream On (Little Dreamer)- Hunx and His Punx
Islands- Ex-Humans
D.L.D.D.- Predator
Howling at the Moon- Customers
Eating Toothpaste- Bratmobile
Sick Sad World- Beat Beat Beat
The Girl- Half Rats
Blow Dumb- Nobunny
Hate the Police- The Dicks
Disgusteen- Teenage Head
Christopher Robin- Quadiliacha
Gaping Hole- G.G. King
I Saw It All- Jacuzzi Boys
Paranoid- Cola Freaks
High Risk Insurance- Ramones
D-7- Wipers
Careering- Public Image, Ltd.
You'll Be the One- Hubble Bubble
Love Song- Calamity Jane
Death of Youth- Vapid
Frances Farmer Will Have His Revenge on Seattle- Jay Reatard
Gimme Gimme Back Your Love- Hunx and His Punx
She's So Crazy- Mickey
Werewolf With a Tan- K-Holes
Aaron- White Mystery
Nothing But Agitation- Bad Sports
Don't Go in That Ground- Personal and the Pizzas
Do the Milkshake- Oblivians
Needle in the Camel's Eye- Brian Eno
Troubled and Done- Balkans
Kill the Hippies- The Briefs
Rats- Tuff Darts!
I Gotta Go Now- Supersnazz
Irmas- Infect
Do You Want It?- Cars Can Be Blue

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Best of the Best 7(Inch Atlanta)

Replace Eric Roberts with Adrian Barrera and Philip Rhee with Ty Segall and that's what you've got. This is the April 6 show, featuring some of the funniest moments from the previous 36 episodes. The past clips include the before-mentioned artists plus G.G. King, Gentleman Jesse Smith, Cole Alexander, The Spits, Best Coast, Joe Jack Talcum, and Zann the Caveman.

Drug Induced State- G.G. King
Walk Away- Ralph
Jet Generation- Guitar Wolf
I Don't Fit In- Paul Collins' Beat
Diet Coke- Barreracudas
Animal Party- King Khan and BBQ Show
Keep Your Hands Off My Baby- Gaye Blades
Rotten Apple- OFF!
Be Afraid of Me- (Royal) Baths
Hollywood Underground- Impulse International
Caesar- Ty Segall
Secret of Life- The Dead Milkmen
53rd and 3rd- Ramones
Cashing In- Minor Threat
Document One- G.I.S.M.
Flowing Robes- G.G. King
Stoned to Death (Zero Boys cover)- Carbonas
In Your Head- Die Rotzz
Going to Amsterdam- Guitar Lightnin' Lee
Wife Eyes- The Coathangers
Rolling Thunder- Chopper
Love Sick- Coffin Bound
Hot Babez- Cowabunga Babez
All My Friends Are Girls- Piperita Patties
No Action- The Muffs
The Burry Man- Wet Dog
You Win- Brilliant Colors
The Weekend Starts Here- Pens
Atlanta- White Lung
Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You- The Bee-Gees
Big Time- Rudi
Don't Ring Me Up- Protex
Teenage Kicks- Undertones
Another Girl, Another Planet- The Only Ones

Bobby Hussy talks his band, record label

Bobby Hussy chatted with me on March 30 about his band, The Hussy, and his label, Kind Turkey Records! The latter has new releases out by Milwaukee's Trent Fox and The Tenants and Two Tears (feat. Kerry Davis of Red Aunts). Hear the inside scoop about the label plus a few tunes from Kind Turkey releases and related bands.

Also check out a ton of inside jokes and the singing stuffed wolf!

Here's the playlist:
Get Our Kicks- The Spits
Panic Attack- OFF!
Do the Eggroll- Peach Kelli Pop
Hello Mason- North Trolls
Seeking Love- Bare Wires
Pushin My Luck- The Hussy
Eat People- Two Tears
Freakath- Red Aunts
Sounds Fine to Me- Trent Fox & The Tenants
Crying Over You- Midwest Beat
Day Turns Into the Night- G.G. King
Infectious- Ralph
Destroy the Handicapped- FANG
God Told Me To- Dr. Know
I Don't Know- Naked Raygun
(Date Rape) Real Estate- Brain Flannel
Sinferno- Magnums
Rockaway Beach- Ramones
Beat Myself to Death- Apache
The Day After the End of the World- Cute Lepers
Wasted- Wet Nurse
Evil Ocean- El Fossil
Savoir Faire- Family Fodder
I- Bad Brains
Catholic Love- The Eat
Violent Days- Screaming Sneakers
World War 4- The Reactors
Sex- Mika Miko
Double Dare- The Hussy
Slap of Love- The Vandals
Join the Professionals- The Professionals
Domino- The Cramps
Road Runner- Jonathan Richman
Springtime- Leatherface
Tears of Joy- Black Tambourine
Upside Down- Jesus & Mary Chain
Wrong Feels Right- Dum Dum Girls
Human Spark- Dog Faced Hermans
Dolly Dollar- Liliput
Milord- Mo-Dettes
Buried in the Sky- The Dead Milkmen

Jonathan Merenivitch talks Prince, Sheperds with 7 Inch Atlanta Radio

My pal Jonathan was on the show on March 23 talking about his pre-New Years opportunity of a lifetime: performing alongside Janelle Monae when she opened for Prince at Madison Square Garden! Hear about that plus updates on Shepherds and Tendaberry.

Check out hour one here and hour two here. I'm going to see if splitting my massive two-hour program into two podcasts is more listener/downloader friendly. Any feedback would be appreciated!

That episode also featured the following tunes:
Jeffrey Lee Pierce- OFF!
Fix Me- Black Flag
Back Against the Wall- Circle Jerks
Sex Boy- The Screamers
Loner With a Boner- Black Randy & The Metrosquad
Sugarlight- X
Tears of a Clown- Shepherds
I- Bad Brains
History of the World Pt. 1- The Damned
Telepathic Love- Wipers
Honest Man- Predator
I'm Astray- Carbonas
Meaningless Upbeat Happy Song- The Dead Milkmen
Send My Thoughts- T.S.O.L.
Work-a-Day World- Paul Collins' Beat
Spaceball Ricochet- T. Rex
Screws Get Loose- Those Darlins
I Believe in Miracles- Ramones
Drinking and Driving- Black Flag
Back to You- Bobby Ubangi
Zurich 17- Hollywood Brats
Stone Fox- King Tuff
Remember This- Dolly Mixture
Should've Known- Bad Sports
Gone for Good- Nobunny
Running in the Shadows- Neo Boys
New Generation- Zero Boys
Cat Pills- Wymyn's Prysyn
Damaged Goods- Gang of Four
Dream On (Little Dreamer)- Hunx & His Punx
Hope- Descendents
Dance (If You Wanna)- Vivian Girls
Adult Rock- G.G. King
Cinco De Mayo- Golden Triangle
Just Another- Baby Shakes
Indian Giver- Finally Punk
Leopard Print- Balkans
The Drag- Shepherds
Let's Go- The Pets