Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mandy Mullins from Garbo's Daughter on 7 Inch Atlanta Radio!

Check out my interview with Mandy Mullins from Garbo's Daughter as well as the following tunes:
(I'm the) Hillside Strangler- The Child Molesters
There's Nothing- Lost Sounds
Blood Visions- Jay Reatard
Better Off Dead- La Peste
Two Faces Have I- Garbo's Daughter
There is a Light That Never Goes Out (Smiths cover)- Dum Dum Girls
Freak When I'm Dead- King Tuff
London's Burning- The Clash
Why Should I?- Beat Beat Beat
One Way Ticket- The Nerves
Dirty White Lies- Neo Boys
Lake House- Vivian Girls
What Do I Get?- Buzzcocks
Ba Ba Ba Beach- Alphabets
Where Next Columbus?- Crass
Communist Eyes- The Germs
Whole Wide World- Soup Dragons
Mascara Stains on My Pillowcase- Garbo's Daughter
Guess You Already Knew- Woven Bones
Mothership- Screaming Females
Bullet Train to Vegas- Drive Like Jehu
The Last Thing on My Mind- Bare Wires
Did You Forget My Name? White Wires
Be Scared- Batman & Robin
Whips and Furs- The Vibrators
The World's Burning- Chin Chin
Hospitality- Double Negative
Hate the Police- Mudhoney
Nothing- Flipper
Electricity (demo)- The Splinters
Fujiama Attack- Guitar Wold
Human Tornado- Teengenerate
Automatic Fru- Friction
The Barracuda- The's
Dog Food- The Barreracudas
TV in My Eye- Le Shok
Space Freighter- Demon's Claws
Resist Control- Born Against
The Roar of the Masses Could Be Farts- Minutemen
Leather Complex- VS.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Huge guest appearance tonight

My guest tonight got to rub shoulders with The Diminutive One at Madison Square Garden because he was in the opening act! Tune in to find out who I'm talking about and how such awesomeness came about. 10 p.m. to midnight on The WOLF Internet Radio!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Playlist for the week that Adam Bruneau was my live guest

Adam Bruneu did a phone interview with me shortly after his appearance on Letterman. If you want to hear him explain the shock and awe that goes along with being in the same room as Spinal Tap co-star Paul Shaffer, then follow this link.

The podcast also features these rad tunes:
Money, Guns, and Power- Private School
P-U-B-L-I-C Eyes- The Daily Void
Gone for Good- Nobunny
Big Star Rolling- Hubble Bubble
Hurricane- The Coathangers
Memory Boy- Deerhunter
Hate You- Carbonas
Gate Crashers- S.O.A.
Annihilate This Week (live)- Black Flag
Howling At the Moon- The Customers
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band- Bill Cosby
Australia- The Back Pockets
Poor Man's Jungle- Neo Boys
So It Goes- Nick Lowe
I Hate Work- MDC
Lovin In The Red- Theoretical Girls
Barbed Wire Love- Stiff Little Fingers
Almost Grown- Grown-Ups
Jellyroll- Golden Triangle
Rocking Farmers- DOW Jones and The Industrials
Space Guitar- The Spits
Delta 5- Delta 5
Mind Your Own Business- Le Shok
Bricks or Coconuts- Jacuzzi Boys
Theme to Women's Prison- Wymyn's Prysyn
My Sunshine- Ty Segall
Snot Rag- The Traditional Fools
Go Meet the Seed- Thee Oh Sees
Sabes Que Quiero- Davila 666
I Won't Be Long- Vivian Girls
Ready, Steady, Go- Generation X
I'm My Own God- Day-Glo Abortions
Superalcoholic- Motorama
One Way Love- The Innocents
Primitive- The Testors
Born To Cry- Biters