Friday, February 25, 2011

So that's what "Edita V" is all about...

Brett Miller of the Balkans was my guest Wednesday, and we chatted for about twelve minutes or so about motorcycles, being in a band and touring while underage, and, most importantly, the origin of the name his band's new kickass tune, "Edita V." He also clears up that it's not pronounced "Edita Five." I used to call it that.

Before I move on to the playlist, I've got to say that Double Phantom has put out a string of solid releases by some of Atlanta's best and brightest undergound rock acts, including Abby GoGo, Carnivores, The N.E.C., Roman Photos, and the Balkans' new "Edita V" b/w "Caves" single.

Playlist for 2/23 live show, 2/26 replay:

Desire Lines- Deerhunter
Restraining Order- Brain Flannel
Head Set- The Hussy
Wait a Minute- The Wipers
Edita V- Balkans
Heidi's Head- Kleenex
Lick on my Leather- The Reatards
Love Songs- The Adverts
Happy Song- The Nips
Waiting- Bukkake Boys
Get Out Kicks- The Spits
U.S.A.- Fear
Kill the Teacher- The Creteens
I Wanna Be a Cosmonaut- Riff Raff
Hollow in the Heart- Sedatives
Carbona Not Glue- Ramones
Boys With Guitars- City Sweethearts
Role Model- The Stolen Minks
Stars and Stripes- Circle Jerks
Mindless Contentment- Plugz
Backhouse- White Lung
Kids in America- Balkans
That's Entertainment- New Body Type
99 Red Balloons- 7 Seconds
Ace of Spades- Batallion of Saints
And Then He Kissed Me- Hollywood Brats
Contact High- Ex Humans
Buzz Off- Supercharger
Funeral March- T.S.O.L.
Echo- Estrogen Highs
Love Comes in Spurts- Richard Hell and the Voidoids
Hang Around- Biters
Devils Hearts Grow Gold- La Sera
I Won't Tell- Baby Dinosaurs vs. Extinction
Black Wave- Wheels on Fire
Mosquito- Wax Museums
R.H.T.S.- The Lids
Fanfare in the Garden- Essential Logic
Last Chance- Kraut
Insurgence- The Middle Class
Scavenger of Death- Bobby Soxx
The Last Day- Vermillion Sands
You Taste Like the Tropics- Bush Tetras*
Panik- Masshysteri*

* = I ran over by accident, so these two songs will be cut off of Saturday's replay (10 p.m. to midnight on but will be on the podcast.

Friday, February 18, 2011

No replay or podcast for last Wednesday's show

Because of technical difficulties out of my control, I was barely able to have a show Wednesday, much less record the evening's festivities. That's a shame because my interview with Adrian Barrera turned out well. I have those interview clips saved, so I might make a mini-podcast with a few select Barrera-related tunes plus the five interview clips. While I could use those clips on the next live show, my five or six loyal listeners might not want to hear a re-run, plus I have a more timely guest and topic in mind.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The first-ever two-hour 7 Inch Atlanta Radio, featuring an appearance by Pretty Ambitious Records co-owner Marcela Gonzalez!

Tune in Saturday from 10 p.m. to midnight on The WOLF Internet Radio for the replay of last Wednesday's live show, which got off to a shaky start but overall went well thanks to an exclusive interview with Marcela Gonzalez of Pretty Ambitious Records and the second hour of tunes I have been given by the folks at The WOLF.

Pretty Ambitious' first two releases are by Atlanta's own Mermaids, and both records will turn your music listening space of choice into a beach party. The label itself will turn your local bar into a boat if you let them book for a night, or at least they are doing that at The Star Bar as I am typing this.

Marcela and I talk about the boat party, as well as some other topics that will not be out of date by 10 p.m. on Saturday, such as some Ambitious plans for future Atlanta shows and SXSW. She also reveals the Pretty Ambitious mission to help local acts do more than just release records.

Listeners will also be treated to this lengthy and solid playlist featuring yesterday's classics and the should-be hits of today:

Ain't It a Shame- Nobunny
Children in Heat- The Misfits
Flourescent Stars- The Ergs!
Holiday- Mermaids
Laura and Marty- The Screaming Females
Sick of This and That- The Damned
Peculiar Julia- Bare Wires
Can't Get Enough- Crusaders of Love
I Heard You Say- Vivian Girls (brand new single!)
He Gets Me High- Dum Dum Girls (another new one)
Looking Back- The Shop Assistants
We Can't Be Friends- Black Tambourine
The Truth Shall Make You Free- The Mighty Hannibal
Wagon Weel- Lou Reed
Theme From Surf- Sad Shields
Oh, Head Spin!- Mika Miko
Do The Earthquake- Vapid
Animals and Men- Adam & the Ants
World of Suspense- The Cute Lepers
Nutted by Reality- Nick Lowe
Babbling Voices- G.G. King
Honest Man- Predator
Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood- DDT (first generation Atlanta hardcore)
I Don't Wanna Be Yr A.A.R.P.- Knaves Grave
Sun Blows Up- Cars Can Be Blue
Oh, Oh I Love Her So- Ramones
Lipstick- Buzzcocks
Don't Shake Me Lucifer- Roky Erickson and The Aliens
Watching Scotty Die- The Dead Milkmen
Points of View- Emergency
2 Shy- Happy Birthday
Look Around- Hubble Bubble
I Don't Like Your Friends- German Measles
The Only Time- The Girls At Dawn
Coral Girls- Jacuzzi Boys
Mongoloid- Devo
New Love- Pretty Vanilla
Johnny Better Get- Zero Boys
You Mean Nothing to Me- Jay Reatard

Friday, February 4, 2011

Details on new Vivian Girls long-player

Polyvinyl Records has made a new Vivian Girls song, "I Heard You Say," available for download. The song is a preview of the band's third album, Share the Joy, which is set to drop on April 11 and features the following tracks:

The Other Girls
I Heard You Say
Dance (If You Wanna)
Lake House
Trying to Pretend
Sixteen Ways
Take It as It Comes
Vanishing of Time
Light in Your Eyes

I'm the most excited about getting to hear a higher-fi version of the already-released song "Lake House," which was on The World's Lousy With Ideas Vol. 8 and is my favorite Vivian Girls tune.

Get the teal vinyl version while you can!

Jared Swilley invades 7 Inch Atlanta Radio!

Photo courtesy of Kyle Dean Reinford Photography

On the second live episode of 7 Inch Atlanta Radio, Jared Swilley (The Black Lips, Gaye Blades, Spooks, Almighty Defenders)appeared for a twenty-plus minute interview in which he discussed the next Black Lips album, performing on a boat, the upcoming Vivian Girls tour, his relationship with the Mighty Hanninbal, future recording plans for The Gaye Blades, the importance of preserving roots music, and more.

The lengthy interview did not leave a lot of time for songs, but the ones I did play were good ones:
Drugs- The Black Lips
Brite Futures- Dum Dum Girls
Don't Get Me Wrong- Barreracudas
Sun Medallion- King Tuff
I'm Coming Home- The Almighty Defenders
Loose Nut- Black Flag
God's Kid Brother- The Dead Milkmen
Neon Christ- Neon Christ
Out of Vogue- The Middle Class
German Kajun- Kajun SS
When I Get Home- The North Trolls
Nothing Conquers Us- The Goodnight Loving
Winter Haze- The Hussy