Tuesday, June 21, 2011

7 Inch Atlanta's summer return featuring John Breedlove from Hip to Death!

Our late May return to live radio featured an exclusive interview with John Breedlove from Hip to Death. This was the first episode I was not able to tape because of changes in the studio, though someone claiming to be Dean Cain recorded it for me.

Here's the playlist:
Capital Radio One- The Clash
Proud Soldiers- Chin Chin
Slouching Towards Bethlehem- Arctic Flowers
Persecuted Pharisees- Persecuted Pharisees
Bad Influence- Neon Christ
Idi Amin- Black Randy & The Metrosquad
Knuckles #2- Personal and the Pizzas
Hey I'm Okay- Okmoniks
Personality- Wet Nurse
Fool For You- The Lids
Number- The Adicts
Born to Cry- The Biters
Go Out and Get It- Black Lips
She'll Be Saying- T.S.O.L.
Realities of War- Discharge
Interior- Sad Shields
Anna Joy- Raooul
No Wave- Hip to Death
Run With Me- Derek Lyn Plastic
Holy Hell- Noun
Sick of You- Users
Time Stop!- Daily Void
We Are All Prostitutes- The Pop Group
I'm a Photomodel- Cheap 'N Nasty
GCF- The Descendents
My Boyfriend's Back- M&M's
Two Faces Have I- Garbo's Daughter
Glass Farewell- Hip to Death
So Dim- Brain Flannel
Can't Decide- Black Flag
Cry All Night- City Sweethearts
SS- Glueams
Horror en el Hipermercado- Alaska y Pegamoides
Felipe Es Un Punk- Vuless
Sniper- Cola Freaks
Laziness is Next to Evilness- Ghost Mice
Quicksand- Joliettes
Depress- Transvestite

Monday, June 20, 2011


The show returns this week to its regular Wednesday night time slot, and the likely guest will be a good one. This picture isn't a hint, though the dude I have in mind has long hair. And I want to be confused for Bun E. Carlos. No more Drew Carey comparisons. Fuck Drew Carey.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Black Lips talk Braves baseball

Most anyone from Georgia in their twenties is going to have memories of the Braves, so you'll probably be able to relate to this video. My main memory was getting chewed out at 10-years-old by a real Native American at a Pow-Wow for wearing a 1992 NL champions shirt in his presence.

P.S. go Phillies.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

7 Inch Atlanta Radio returns tomorrow night (10 p.m. to midnight at www.westga.edu/thewolf)

And I'm going to play some bands that haven't appeared on the show yet.

Also tune in to hear an exclusive interview with John Breedlove (Trial By Fire, Hip to Death, Die Indy Records). We're going to talk about local access television, the label that gave the Balkans their start, and more!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Check out Lucy Dreams for free

I finally got around to listening to Lucy Dreams, a new and very young local act that recently signed to Pretty Ambitious Records.

I had nothing to lose when giving their music a shot, as at the moment you can download quite a few Lucy Dreams and related solo project tracks at their Bandcamp page. I'm digging what I have heard so far, "Realize" in particular.

Here's the skinny on the group via the Pretty Ambitious website:
“Before catching anyone’s attention with a few rough demos posted on their Myspace page, Lucy Dreams turned heads when they played their first show opening for Abby Go Go at 529 back in December. The unassuming four-piece made-up of Decatur High students Lloyd Wingard (guitar, vocals), Jacob Armando (drums), Graham Tavel (bass) and Dani Lyman (keyboard/vocals) took the stage and unleashed a wall of slurred pop hooks, warped melodies and distortion. They left such an impression that they were later asked to play the opening slot for Deerhunter and Black Lips’ show the night that Eyedrum closed down its 290 MLK location.” –Chad Radford, Creative Loafing

Soon after the Eyedrum show, Nick Lynds (guitar) joined the group and they all started recording their first album, Vivian, to be released in September 2011.

Lucy Dreams have evolved musically thanks to influences ranging from The Wake, Sonic Youth, NEU! and Joy Division. Their sound can be related to the likes of Future Islands, Indian Jewelry, The Black Angels and Wooden Shjips.

You can pre-order their debut long-player, Vivian, through Pretty Ambitious.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Birthday, Joey!

Today would have been Joey Ramone's 60th bithday. Since he's one of the fathers of most of the things we all enjoy and this year is also the tenth anniversary of his passing, drink one for Joey tonight.

Also, have you ever thought about how he knew his days were numbered when he recorded his incredible version of "What a Wonderful World"? Most of us need to learn how to remain that positive when faced by less serious hurdles.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Coathangers album drops in June. Pre-order it now.

Pre-order the forthcoming Coathangers LP, Larceny and Old Lace, from Suicide Squeeze to get the limited colored vinyl and a neat poster. For the skinny on the album, the band's first full-length recorded in a proper studio and third long-player overall, check out this interview with Girl Gang Zine.

The first single (in the digital sense, at least) is "Hurricance":

Friday, May 13, 2011

Shitty finale to a great season

On the Wednesday that storms rocked our region, I did my last show of the semester as the server at the station crashed multiple times and folks gave up on listening. The good news is 1) I finally got to spin vinyl live and 2) I recorded the whole sloppy thing.

There was no guest this time around, so I played a ton of great songs:
Oh Bondage, Up Yours- The Pink Lincolns
I'm a Cliche- Supersnazz
Identity- X-Ray Spex
Love Radio- KAOS
Hit Single- No Exit
Scavenger of Death- Bobby Soxx
Bored of Breating- G.G. King
I'm Tired and I Want to Go Home- COPS
Slob- Ryan Dinosaur
Media Frenzy- Bukkake Boys
No Luck- Cold Stare
Endless Blockades For the Pussyfooter- G.I.S.M.
Danzig Medley- Quadiliacha (half of it, at least)
Surrounded- Useless Eaters
Fascist Cops- The Kids
Back to Bataan- Maids
Telepathic Love- Nation of Ulysses
Too Many Creeps- Bush Tetras
Heidi's Head- Kleenex
Fall Asleep- Screaming Females
Heartbreak- Mother's Ruin
Dogs in America- Wax Museums
Last Caress- Dum Dum Girls
I Can Tell- White Wires
Rock and Roll Girlbait- Magnums
Don't Get Me Wrong- Barreracudas
I Saw Batman in the Launderette- The Shapes
Everybody's Happy Nowadays- Buzzcocks
Joanie- Personal and the Pizzas
Rat Trap- OFF!
Word Is- T.S.O.L.
I Am a Dialek- The Art Attacks
Conspiracy- The Necessary Evils
Shake Your Neighbor's Hand- Savage Beliefs
On My Way- Baby Shakes
Let's Go Steady- DOW Jones and The Industrials
Crystal- X-Ray Eyeballs
Vanishing of Time- Vivian Girls
Evangelist- UT
Do the Dramatic- Le Shok
Bobby's Got a Secret- Bam Bams
She'll Never Get Out- Bad Sports
Manisch Depressiv- MD
Where Have All the Bootboys Gone?- A.P.A.

7 Inch Atlanta talks to K-Holes on Mess-Around wrap-up show

K-HOLES//CREATURES from Emily Denton on Vimeo.

I think I'll go with a video instead of a picture stolen off the internet so you can hear the band in case you've missed out on them when they've come through town or haven't heard their 7" or LP (out now on Hozac Records).

Anyhow, I interviewed all of the K-Holes in 4/5ths of them's old stomping grounds, Atlanta, the Saturday of Mess-Around weekend and decided to play the noisy recording (we were at The Earl for supper) on the show the following Wednesday.

The podcast is coming this summer, and will feature the following tracks in addition to the interview:

MIA- Black Lips
Edita V- Balkans
Do the Uganda- The Rip-Offs
Hot Wire My Heart- Crime
Radiation Masturbation- Authorities
Swamp Fires- K-Holes
Ode to Love- Georgiana Starlington
Time is Money- Grown-Ups
Hot Wire My Heart- Sonic Youth
WW2- Neo Boys
World War 3- D.O.A.
If I Can't Have What I Want, I Don't Want Anything- The Screamers
Cigarette Lighter- Wet Nurse
Bite- Predator
Luxury Living- Tacocat
Subterranean- Transvestite
When the Lights Go Out- Moon Women
Stain Stick Skin- John Barrett's Bass Drum of Death
Kick Me Where It Hurts- The Booze
Mig Mig Mig- Cola Freaks
Askel- Rakkaus
Nao E Essa a Questao- Justica
Neon Noose- Golden Triangle
Davey Crockett (Gabba Hey!)- Thee Headcoats
You Drive Me Ape (You Big Gorilla)- The Dickies
Born a Woman- Hubble Bubble
Mess Me Up- Teengenerate
Straight Jacket- Jerry's Kids
Mexico- Tabitha
All My Life- Kiwis
Bloodfeast- Misfits
Scrambled- Chalk Circle
For the Sake of Love- The Half Rats
I Wanna Know- Private School
I Don't Like You- The Muffs
If Only- Ricer
D-7 (Peel Session)- Nirvana
131- TNT
Plastic Genocide- Tranzmitors
Hangman- The Dead Milkmen

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Vibrators interview from 2006

This, my first band interview, was originally published in The West Georgian back in 2006 when I was editor-in-chief of that publication and obviously came before and not after a three year stint writing for a professional newspaper. Enjoy.
As promised, I have delivered a special celebration of the 30th anniversary of punk rock in the U.K. for this week’s column.

The Vibrators are often overlooked and written off as bandwagon jumpers, but they were actually there from the beginning.

From their first gig in 1976 until today, they have steadily put out some great albums, including 1977’s “Pure Mania” and 1978’s “V2”.

Last week, The West Georgian had a chance to interview both Knox the lead singer and Eddie the drummer. Here are some of the highlights:

WG: Has your American tour been well received so far?
Knox: It’s gone well so far. Our weekend shows seem to do the best.

WG: How would you compare playing in America to playing elsewhere in the world?
Knox: Well, for one thing, you speak English.

WG: I get the impression that in America you have a lot of younger fans? Is that true, and do you have younger fans all over the world?
Knox: I think it is an American thing. It’s partly because of the all-ages shows. You don’t have as many shows at bars.

WG: Do you think that it might be because you play places like Atlanta while some bands think an East Coast tour is Philadelphia, Boston, New York and the nearest airport?
Knox: I don’t know. I think it varies depending on where there is a scene.

WG: I think it might be because groups like The Vibrators and The Adicts play the smaller venues.
Knox: That is because we have to drive everywhere. We don’t have a bus.

WG: How do you like playing in front of all of these young fans?
Eddie: I like it, but some of them are more into fashion than anything else. We sell three times as more t-shirts than CDs. Kids will tell me they downloaded our albums when they only cost $10.

WG: The Slits are coming to Atlanta in about a month, and there are lots of other bands making comebacks while you guys have been back since 1982. Are you for or against all of these reunions?
Knox: I’m for it, but I guess it does get a little old. I think what happens is there is that Wasted Festival that wants older bands. It is good for their business. Also, a lot of them (older punks) have jobs and their kids are just now growing up.

WG: Do you feel like a lot of those old bands should hang it up?
Knox: No, but I think there’s too many bands. It is like a free market economy.

WG: Do you think it is a good thing that a lot of these bands record new music like The Damned have done?
Knox: You do that. I think it’s sad that the Sex Pistols never recorded another album. It couldn’t have been as good as their first but you never know.

WG: Do you prefer playing small venues over festivals?
Knox: I like both, really. The festivals are nice because there are a lot of people there.

WG: There was an impression at one point that you guys were bandwagon jumpers even though you formed in early 1976. Are you ever confronted about that?
Knox: We always say that we were writing punk rock before we even started. I played songs like “Whips and Furs” in bands three years or so before The Vibrators formed. When we came around, we were like the third band along with the Pistols and The Stranglers. Eddie was there at the Pistols’ first gig as a member of Bazooka Joe.

WG: Was Adam Ant in Bazooka Joe when they played that historic gig?
Eddie: Yeah, he was in the band. He was a very quiet fellow.

WG: Three weeks ago was 30th anniversary of the 100 Club Punk Festival. What was it like playing that?
Knox: It was okay. We had to play with Chris Spedding because he didn’t have a band and we didn’t know but a few simple punk rock songs. It was sort of the gig that put punk on the map.

WG: For a while your band has been a three piece, but before that you had more members. Have there been any thoughts of adding another guitarist?
Knox: I’ve thought about trying to get John Ellis or someone like that. I’m not sure if he would do it.

WG: Do you keep up with former members like Ellis?
Eddie: Oh yeah. He played on our latest album, “Punk: The Early Years”.

WG: Have you considered recording a new album?
Knox: We’ve got lots of material. It’s just finding the time for it. Also, it gets to where your back catalog overshadows anything you put out.

WG: You are also an artist.
Knox: Yeah, I do a bit of painting, but I have to find time for that. I would like to do more exhibitions.

WG: How would you compare painting to performing?
Knox: Painting is less of a medium, but you can do other things while you do it like watch television. I do enjoy playing the guitar, though. I’ll have to look and see if there are any similarities.

WG: There are lots of other artists from the whole punk scene like Paul Simonon from The Clash and Tessa Pollitt from The Slits.
Knox: Oh yeah, lots of people do it. The Clash bass player (Simonon) is really good. He’s probably better than me.

WG: Well, he’s been out of music until recently.
Knox: He is getting back in with Damon Albarn, you know. I’m not sure how that’ll go since I am not a fan of the Gorillaz and all of that stuff.

WG: So, are you more of a fan of straight-on rock and roll?
Knox: I like stuff like AC/DC. I like the guitar playing.

WG: AC/DC came along the same time you guys did. Your early influences are obviously bands like the MC5, Stooges and Ramones. Have you picked up AC/DC influences over the years?
Knox: No, he (Angus Young) plays different notes than I do on the guitar. I do like their intensity, though.

WG: Is there a time when you knew you guys had finally made it big?
Knox: It was probably when we played “Top of the Pops”. I had a terrible hangover so I was really nervous. It was sort of okay, though.

WG: The first two albums are legendary. Are the others overlooked?
Knox: The last two albums we put out were very good, and I really like “Hunting for You”.

WG: You did a song with The Duels. How was that?
Knox: Yeah, I just went to the studio and sang it with them. A lot of people seem to know about that, which is good.

WG: How did this come about happening?
Knox: Our agent works with them as well, and we had played with them before. My girlfriend wasn’t very happy about it.

WG: A lot of people have the attitude that punk went away when the Sex Pistols broke up.
Knox: Oh yeah, it did go away for a few years. There was a renewed interest around 1982 and that’s why we came back.

WG: What do you think about the punk scene today?
Knox: It’s become too tame. It’s sort of hard to change something like that. I suppose we could put out an album like Neil Young and sing about the President but we don’t like being political.

WG: Have you thought about writing political songs?
Knox: I’m not a really political. You’ll hate whoever is in charge after a year or so if you liked him to begin with. We live in fairly okay times. I did read the other day, though, about how many obese people there are and that was fairly startling.

WG: Maybe that is the key. You could go the Ramones route and sing about how bored we all are and maybe some of us fat kids will get up and jump around. Do you have any closing comments?
Knox: Check out our website (http://www.thevibrators.com), buy our records and come to our gigs.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Mess-Around preview episode!

Last Wednesday's live show was a preview of this weekend's Atlanta Mess-Around and featured an exclusive interview with Damon Hare from Triple D's Promotions (co-booker of this year's event) as well as numerous tracks from Mess-Around acts:

Time is Mine- Testors
Hey Mama, Look at Sis-Oblivians
Worlds Destroyed- Mind Spiders
Cat Party- Shannon and The Clams
Dream On (Little Dreamer)- Hunx and His Punx
Islands- Ex-Humans
D.L.D.D.- Predator
Howling at the Moon- Customers
Eating Toothpaste- Bratmobile
Sick Sad World- Beat Beat Beat
The Girl- Half Rats
Blow Dumb- Nobunny
Hate the Police- The Dicks
Disgusteen- Teenage Head
Christopher Robin- Quadiliacha
Gaping Hole- G.G. King
I Saw It All- Jacuzzi Boys
Paranoid- Cola Freaks
High Risk Insurance- Ramones
D-7- Wipers
Careering- Public Image, Ltd.
You'll Be the One- Hubble Bubble
Love Song- Calamity Jane
Death of Youth- Vapid
Frances Farmer Will Have His Revenge on Seattle- Jay Reatard
Gimme Gimme Back Your Love- Hunx and His Punx
She's So Crazy- Mickey
Werewolf With a Tan- K-Holes
Aaron- White Mystery
Nothing But Agitation- Bad Sports
Don't Go in That Ground- Personal and the Pizzas
Do the Milkshake- Oblivians
Needle in the Camel's Eye- Brian Eno
Troubled and Done- Balkans
Kill the Hippies- The Briefs
Rats- Tuff Darts!
I Gotta Go Now- Supersnazz
Irmas- Infect
Do You Want It?- Cars Can Be Blue

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Best of the Best 7(Inch Atlanta)

Replace Eric Roberts with Adrian Barrera and Philip Rhee with Ty Segall and that's what you've got. This is the April 6 show, featuring some of the funniest moments from the previous 36 episodes. The past clips include the before-mentioned artists plus G.G. King, Gentleman Jesse Smith, Cole Alexander, The Spits, Best Coast, Joe Jack Talcum, and Zann the Caveman.

Drug Induced State- G.G. King
Walk Away- Ralph
Jet Generation- Guitar Wolf
I Don't Fit In- Paul Collins' Beat
Diet Coke- Barreracudas
Animal Party- King Khan and BBQ Show
Keep Your Hands Off My Baby- Gaye Blades
Rotten Apple- OFF!
Be Afraid of Me- (Royal) Baths
Hollywood Underground- Impulse International
Caesar- Ty Segall
Secret of Life- The Dead Milkmen
53rd and 3rd- Ramones
Cashing In- Minor Threat
Document One- G.I.S.M.
Flowing Robes- G.G. King
Stoned to Death (Zero Boys cover)- Carbonas
In Your Head- Die Rotzz
Going to Amsterdam- Guitar Lightnin' Lee
Wife Eyes- The Coathangers
Rolling Thunder- Chopper
Love Sick- Coffin Bound
Hot Babez- Cowabunga Babez
All My Friends Are Girls- Piperita Patties
No Action- The Muffs
The Burry Man- Wet Dog
You Win- Brilliant Colors
The Weekend Starts Here- Pens
Atlanta- White Lung
Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You- The Bee-Gees
Big Time- Rudi
Don't Ring Me Up- Protex
Teenage Kicks- Undertones
Another Girl, Another Planet- The Only Ones

Bobby Hussy talks his band, record label

Bobby Hussy chatted with me on March 30 about his band, The Hussy, and his label, Kind Turkey Records! The latter has new releases out by Milwaukee's Trent Fox and The Tenants and Two Tears (feat. Kerry Davis of Red Aunts). Hear the inside scoop about the label plus a few tunes from Kind Turkey releases and related bands.

Also check out a ton of inside jokes and the singing stuffed wolf!

Here's the playlist:
Get Our Kicks- The Spits
Panic Attack- OFF!
Do the Eggroll- Peach Kelli Pop
Hello Mason- North Trolls
Seeking Love- Bare Wires
Pushin My Luck- The Hussy
Eat People- Two Tears
Freakath- Red Aunts
Sounds Fine to Me- Trent Fox & The Tenants
Crying Over You- Midwest Beat
Day Turns Into the Night- G.G. King
Infectious- Ralph
Destroy the Handicapped- FANG
God Told Me To- Dr. Know
I Don't Know- Naked Raygun
(Date Rape) Real Estate- Brain Flannel
Sinferno- Magnums
Rockaway Beach- Ramones
Beat Myself to Death- Apache
The Day After the End of the World- Cute Lepers
Wasted- Wet Nurse
Evil Ocean- El Fossil
Savoir Faire- Family Fodder
I- Bad Brains
Catholic Love- The Eat
Violent Days- Screaming Sneakers
World War 4- The Reactors
Sex- Mika Miko
Double Dare- The Hussy
Slap of Love- The Vandals
Join the Professionals- The Professionals
Domino- The Cramps
Road Runner- Jonathan Richman
Springtime- Leatherface
Tears of Joy- Black Tambourine
Upside Down- Jesus & Mary Chain
Wrong Feels Right- Dum Dum Girls
Human Spark- Dog Faced Hermans
Dolly Dollar- Liliput
Milord- Mo-Dettes
Buried in the Sky- The Dead Milkmen

Jonathan Merenivitch talks Prince, Sheperds with 7 Inch Atlanta Radio

My pal Jonathan was on the show on March 23 talking about his pre-New Years opportunity of a lifetime: performing alongside Janelle Monae when she opened for Prince at Madison Square Garden! Hear about that plus updates on Shepherds and Tendaberry.

Check out hour one here and hour two here. I'm going to see if splitting my massive two-hour program into two podcasts is more listener/downloader friendly. Any feedback would be appreciated!

That episode also featured the following tunes:
Jeffrey Lee Pierce- OFF!
Fix Me- Black Flag
Back Against the Wall- Circle Jerks
Sex Boy- The Screamers
Loner With a Boner- Black Randy & The Metrosquad
Sugarlight- X
Tears of a Clown- Shepherds
I- Bad Brains
History of the World Pt. 1- The Damned
Telepathic Love- Wipers
Honest Man- Predator
I'm Astray- Carbonas
Meaningless Upbeat Happy Song- The Dead Milkmen
Send My Thoughts- T.S.O.L.
Work-a-Day World- Paul Collins' Beat
Spaceball Ricochet- T. Rex
Screws Get Loose- Those Darlins
I Believe in Miracles- Ramones
Drinking and Driving- Black Flag
Back to You- Bobby Ubangi
Zurich 17- Hollywood Brats
Stone Fox- King Tuff
Remember This- Dolly Mixture
Should've Known- Bad Sports
Gone for Good- Nobunny
Running in the Shadows- Neo Boys
New Generation- Zero Boys
Cat Pills- Wymyn's Prysyn
Damaged Goods- Gang of Four
Dream On (Little Dreamer)- Hunx & His Punx
Hope- Descendents
Dance (If You Wanna)- Vivian Girls
Adult Rock- G.G. King
Cinco De Mayo- Golden Triangle
Just Another- Baby Shakes
Indian Giver- Finally Punk
Leopard Print- Balkans
The Drag- Shepherds
Let's Go- The Pets

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mandy Mullins from Garbo's Daughter on 7 Inch Atlanta Radio!

Check out my interview with Mandy Mullins from Garbo's Daughter as well as the following tunes:
(I'm the) Hillside Strangler- The Child Molesters
There's Nothing- Lost Sounds
Blood Visions- Jay Reatard
Better Off Dead- La Peste
Two Faces Have I- Garbo's Daughter
There is a Light That Never Goes Out (Smiths cover)- Dum Dum Girls
Freak When I'm Dead- King Tuff
London's Burning- The Clash
Why Should I?- Beat Beat Beat
One Way Ticket- The Nerves
Dirty White Lies- Neo Boys
Lake House- Vivian Girls
What Do I Get?- Buzzcocks
Ba Ba Ba Beach- Alphabets
Where Next Columbus?- Crass
Communist Eyes- The Germs
Whole Wide World- Soup Dragons
Mascara Stains on My Pillowcase- Garbo's Daughter
Guess You Already Knew- Woven Bones
Mothership- Screaming Females
Bullet Train to Vegas- Drive Like Jehu
The Last Thing on My Mind- Bare Wires
Did You Forget My Name? White Wires
Be Scared- Batman & Robin
Whips and Furs- The Vibrators
The World's Burning- Chin Chin
Hospitality- Double Negative
Hate the Police- Mudhoney
Nothing- Flipper
Electricity (demo)- The Splinters
Fujiama Attack- Guitar Wold
Human Tornado- Teengenerate
Automatic Fru- Friction
The Barracuda- The's
Dog Food- The Barreracudas
TV in My Eye- Le Shok
Space Freighter- Demon's Claws
Resist Control- Born Against
The Roar of the Masses Could Be Farts- Minutemen
Leather Complex- VS.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Huge guest appearance tonight

My guest tonight got to rub shoulders with The Diminutive One at Madison Square Garden because he was in the opening act! Tune in to find out who I'm talking about and how such awesomeness came about. 10 p.m. to midnight on The WOLF Internet Radio!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Playlist for the week that Adam Bruneau was my live guest

Adam Bruneu did a phone interview with me shortly after his appearance on Letterman. If you want to hear him explain the shock and awe that goes along with being in the same room as Spinal Tap co-star Paul Shaffer, then follow this link.

The podcast also features these rad tunes:
Money, Guns, and Power- Private School
P-U-B-L-I-C Eyes- The Daily Void
Gone for Good- Nobunny
Big Star Rolling- Hubble Bubble
Hurricane- The Coathangers
Memory Boy- Deerhunter
Hate You- Carbonas
Gate Crashers- S.O.A.
Annihilate This Week (live)- Black Flag
Howling At the Moon- The Customers
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band- Bill Cosby
Australia- The Back Pockets
Poor Man's Jungle- Neo Boys
So It Goes- Nick Lowe
I Hate Work- MDC
Lovin In The Red- Theoretical Girls
Barbed Wire Love- Stiff Little Fingers
Almost Grown- Grown-Ups
Jellyroll- Golden Triangle
Rocking Farmers- DOW Jones and The Industrials
Space Guitar- The Spits
Delta 5- Delta 5
Mind Your Own Business- Le Shok
Bricks or Coconuts- Jacuzzi Boys
Theme to Women's Prison- Wymyn's Prysyn
My Sunshine- Ty Segall
Snot Rag- The Traditional Fools
Go Meet the Seed- Thee Oh Sees
Sabes Que Quiero- Davila 666
I Won't Be Long- Vivian Girls
Ready, Steady, Go- Generation X
I'm My Own God- Day-Glo Abortions
Superalcoholic- Motorama
One Way Love- The Innocents
Primitive- The Testors
Born To Cry- Biters

Friday, February 25, 2011

So that's what "Edita V" is all about...

Brett Miller of the Balkans was my guest Wednesday, and we chatted for about twelve minutes or so about motorcycles, being in a band and touring while underage, and, most importantly, the origin of the name his band's new kickass tune, "Edita V." He also clears up that it's not pronounced "Edita Five." I used to call it that.

Before I move on to the playlist, I've got to say that Double Phantom has put out a string of solid releases by some of Atlanta's best and brightest undergound rock acts, including Abby GoGo, Carnivores, The N.E.C., Roman Photos, and the Balkans' new "Edita V" b/w "Caves" single.

Playlist for 2/23 live show, 2/26 replay:

Desire Lines- Deerhunter
Restraining Order- Brain Flannel
Head Set- The Hussy
Wait a Minute- The Wipers
Edita V- Balkans
Heidi's Head- Kleenex
Lick on my Leather- The Reatards
Love Songs- The Adverts
Happy Song- The Nips
Waiting- Bukkake Boys
Get Out Kicks- The Spits
U.S.A.- Fear
Kill the Teacher- The Creteens
I Wanna Be a Cosmonaut- Riff Raff
Hollow in the Heart- Sedatives
Carbona Not Glue- Ramones
Boys With Guitars- City Sweethearts
Role Model- The Stolen Minks
Stars and Stripes- Circle Jerks
Mindless Contentment- Plugz
Backhouse- White Lung
Kids in America- Balkans
That's Entertainment- New Body Type
99 Red Balloons- 7 Seconds
Ace of Spades- Batallion of Saints
And Then He Kissed Me- Hollywood Brats
Contact High- Ex Humans
Buzz Off- Supercharger
Funeral March- T.S.O.L.
Echo- Estrogen Highs
Love Comes in Spurts- Richard Hell and the Voidoids
Hang Around- Biters
Devils Hearts Grow Gold- La Sera
I Won't Tell- Baby Dinosaurs vs. Extinction
Black Wave- Wheels on Fire
Mosquito- Wax Museums
R.H.T.S.- The Lids
Fanfare in the Garden- Essential Logic
Last Chance- Kraut
Insurgence- The Middle Class
Scavenger of Death- Bobby Soxx
The Last Day- Vermillion Sands
You Taste Like the Tropics- Bush Tetras*
Panik- Masshysteri*

* = I ran over by accident, so these two songs will be cut off of Saturday's replay (10 p.m. to midnight on www.westga.edu/thewolf) but will be on the podcast.

Friday, February 18, 2011

No replay or podcast for last Wednesday's show

Because of technical difficulties out of my control, I was barely able to have a show Wednesday, much less record the evening's festivities. That's a shame because my interview with Adrian Barrera turned out well. I have those interview clips saved, so I might make a mini-podcast with a few select Barrera-related tunes plus the five interview clips. While I could use those clips on the next live show, my five or six loyal listeners might not want to hear a re-run, plus I have a more timely guest and topic in mind.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The first-ever two-hour 7 Inch Atlanta Radio, featuring an appearance by Pretty Ambitious Records co-owner Marcela Gonzalez!

Tune in Saturday from 10 p.m. to midnight on The WOLF Internet Radio for the replay of last Wednesday's live show, which got off to a shaky start but overall went well thanks to an exclusive interview with Marcela Gonzalez of Pretty Ambitious Records and the second hour of tunes I have been given by the folks at The WOLF.

Pretty Ambitious' first two releases are by Atlanta's own Mermaids, and both records will turn your music listening space of choice into a beach party. The label itself will turn your local bar into a boat if you let them book for a night, or at least they are doing that at The Star Bar as I am typing this.

Marcela and I talk about the boat party, as well as some other topics that will not be out of date by 10 p.m. on Saturday, such as some Ambitious plans for future Atlanta shows and SXSW. She also reveals the Pretty Ambitious mission to help local acts do more than just release records.

Listeners will also be treated to this lengthy and solid playlist featuring yesterday's classics and the should-be hits of today:

Ain't It a Shame- Nobunny
Children in Heat- The Misfits
Flourescent Stars- The Ergs!
Holiday- Mermaids
Laura and Marty- The Screaming Females
Sick of This and That- The Damned
Peculiar Julia- Bare Wires
Can't Get Enough- Crusaders of Love
I Heard You Say- Vivian Girls (brand new single!)
He Gets Me High- Dum Dum Girls (another new one)
Looking Back- The Shop Assistants
We Can't Be Friends- Black Tambourine
The Truth Shall Make You Free- The Mighty Hannibal
Wagon Weel- Lou Reed
Theme From Surf- Sad Shields
Oh, Head Spin!- Mika Miko
Do The Earthquake- Vapid
Animals and Men- Adam & the Ants
World of Suspense- The Cute Lepers
Nutted by Reality- Nick Lowe
Babbling Voices- G.G. King
Honest Man- Predator
Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood- DDT (first generation Atlanta hardcore)
I Don't Wanna Be Yr A.A.R.P.- Knaves Grave
Sun Blows Up- Cars Can Be Blue
Oh, Oh I Love Her So- Ramones
Lipstick- Buzzcocks
Don't Shake Me Lucifer- Roky Erickson and The Aliens
Watching Scotty Die- The Dead Milkmen
Points of View- Emergency
2 Shy- Happy Birthday
Look Around- Hubble Bubble
I Don't Like Your Friends- German Measles
The Only Time- The Girls At Dawn
Coral Girls- Jacuzzi Boys
Mongoloid- Devo
New Love- Pretty Vanilla
Johnny Better Get- Zero Boys
You Mean Nothing to Me- Jay Reatard

Friday, February 4, 2011

Details on new Vivian Girls long-player

Polyvinyl Records has made a new Vivian Girls song, "I Heard You Say," available for download. The song is a preview of the band's third album, Share the Joy, which is set to drop on April 11 and features the following tracks:

The Other Girls
I Heard You Say
Dance (If You Wanna)
Lake House
Trying to Pretend
Sixteen Ways
Take It as It Comes
Vanishing of Time
Light in Your Eyes

I'm the most excited about getting to hear a higher-fi version of the already-released song "Lake House," which was on The World's Lousy With Ideas Vol. 8 and is my favorite Vivian Girls tune.

Get the teal vinyl version while you can!

Jared Swilley invades 7 Inch Atlanta Radio!

Photo courtesy of Kyle Dean Reinford Photography

On the second live episode of 7 Inch Atlanta Radio, Jared Swilley (The Black Lips, Gaye Blades, Spooks, Almighty Defenders)appeared for a twenty-plus minute interview in which he discussed the next Black Lips album, performing on a boat, the upcoming Vivian Girls tour, his relationship with the Mighty Hanninbal, future recording plans for The Gaye Blades, the importance of preserving roots music, and more.

The lengthy interview did not leave a lot of time for songs, but the ones I did play were good ones:
Drugs- The Black Lips
Brite Futures- Dum Dum Girls
Don't Get Me Wrong- Barreracudas
Sun Medallion- King Tuff
I'm Coming Home- The Almighty Defenders
Loose Nut- Black Flag
God's Kid Brother- The Dead Milkmen
Neon Christ- Neon Christ
Out of Vogue- The Middle Class
German Kajun- Kajun SS
When I Get Home- The North Trolls
Nothing Conquers Us- The Goodnight Loving
Winter Haze- The Hussy

Sunday, January 30, 2011

7 Inch Atlanta's 2011 debut play list

Picture courtesy of the New Hampshire Register newspaper

It's a new year and now there's a new blog for all things 7 Inch Atlanta! Most things 7 Inch Atlanta nowadays revolve around the radio show, so check this space for play lists, podcasts, and other radio-related goodies.

Here's the January 26 playlist. If you missed the show, check out the replay tonight (Sunday) at 10 p.m. on The WOLF Internet Radio. It was my first ever live broadcast and features an interview with The Estrogen Highs.

Communist Radio- The Eat (classic Florida punk)
Teenage Timebomb- The Okmoniks (awesome female fronted garage-punk featuring Nobunny)
Deadhead- Teen Idles (Pre-Minor Threat Ian MacKaye band)
Friends, Family, LSD- The Estrogen Highs (A song by my special guests)
Estrogen Highs interview part 1
Eyeballs Jones- Beat Beat Beat (Solid tune by future members of Predator, Gentleman Jesse, The Customers, and Ex Humans)
Buckhead Betty- The Coathangers (A first album gem that eats the rich)
Let It Snow!- Wymyn's Prysyn (It snows in Atlanta now)
Edita V- Balkans (A sneak peek at the forthcoming Balkans 7" and LP)
Estrogen Highs interview part 2
Private Party- Garbo's Daughter (From my pal Mandy's Burger Records debut!)
Wait- The Spits (from their split with NOFX)
Lydia Lunch- Cowabunga Babez (Austin party punks in the same vein as Finally Punk)
Social Champion- Reptile House (Another branch from the Dischord family tree)
Estrogen Highs interview part 3
We Never Went to the Moon- King Kill 33 (Awesome Atlanta post-rock from the 90's with a conspiracy theory theme)
Dead to the Discourse- Sedatives (Ian from The White Wires' other kickass Ottawa pop-inspired punk group)
Are You Mad?- White Wires (A cut from the fantastic new WWII LP)
We Don't Wanna Be Prisoners- CHIN CHIN (European, all-girl post-punk from a Mississippi Records re-release)
Run Me Over- The Babies (A preview of the Woods/Vivian Girls collaboration's upcoming debut full-length)
Church and State- MDC (The beginning of a short blast of less-than-a-minute hardcore songs)
Idiots at Happy Hour- The Freeze (One of those occasional jabs at my "college town")
Knirk- Cola Freaks (From your favorite Danish band's Rob's House 7")